About Whitby

Whitby is Today a beautiful seaside town with many ancient buildings packed closely into a narrow valley where the river Esk meets the sea after winding its way through the North Yorkshire Moors national park , There are many attractions to entertain its visitors from modern wine bars and real old world pubs to the more traditional seaside amusements all the rock and candyfloss you could hope for and a sandy beach that stretches far out to the appropriately named village of Sandsend.

The famous black Whitby Jet jewellery still manufactured here has been found in bronze age sites in Scotland proving that Whitby has long been a trading port, Whitby abbey stood above the town since 664A.D. and played its part in history having been destroyed by the Vikings and Henry VIII the large ruins today sit ominously above the town on a dark winters evening the stories of Dracula could easily be believed.

Whitby then became a fishing and trading port one of its most famous sea farers Captain James Cook served his apprenticeship in Whitby before setting out his voyages that led him to the discovery of Australia, today there are many Cook attractions, you can go to sea on a scaled down Endeavour.

The Victorians made Whitby what it is today bringing tourists to the town via the new railways we still have steam trains departing from the Victorian station to the market town of Pickering. Many large houses and hotels like Cook’s Quarters were built by the Victorians to service the new tourist trade as well as parks and museums all the necessary seaside holiday attractions of the day, most of which are still around to explore on your visit today.